A Keurig for Tortillas?

Perusing the internet, I found a poor soul lamenting the future of tortilla making. Once done by hand, many people now use a tortilla press. However, this too may soon become a relic of the past.  A new invention on kickstarter invites the owner to experience fresh tortillas when you make them, not when you buy them.


Flatev is an artisan tortilla maker. To use, you insert a single pod of individually portioned dough which comes in a variety of flavors (corn, flour, cinnamon, spicy, etc.) and “in case you’re making more than one…” there’s a convenient tortilla warming drawer!

So, my first thoughts on this are:

1. it’s really not that hard to make fresh tortillas yourself (hello, Maseca). If you’re at the point where you’re going to buy a huge appliance like this so you can make one tortilla at a time for all your meals, I don’t think you’re likely to be used to eating tortillas with all of your meals.

2. The line where she says “in case you’re eating more than one” — do I ever not? I would need so many of those little pods stacked in my refrigerator to get through a month!

3. They should really not be referring to tortillas as bread. The last line where she says “when your bread is fresh, your meals are tasty” is literally awful. You’re marketing a tortilla maker. It’s a tortilla. Don’t half white wash it at this point.

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